Chemical Process Technology and Equipment
Process Technology
Chemical Process Technology involves the design, operation, and management of chemical plants and processes to produce chemicals and other products using chemical reactions and physical transformations.
Process Equipment
Chemical Process Equipment refers to the machinery and devices used for chemical reactions and physical transformations in chemical plants. It plays a crucial role in the industrial production of chemicals.
Reaction and Separation Professional
Hydrocyanic Acid (HCN)
Process optimization and improvement in reaction, a new generation of hydrocyanic acid (HCN) synthesis technology in the world.
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Vinylene Carbonate (VC)
Mature chemical industry chain, green process to produce VC, safe and reliable.
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Melt Crystallization
Accurately control the temperature and integrate a number of technologies for efficient purification.
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Falling-film Evaporator
Effectively reduce the tower kettle temperature and improve product quality and yield.
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Shanghai DODGEN Chemical Technology Co., Ltd (DODGEN)——Green technology, Continuous regeneration

As a chemical processing company, DODGEN is committed to becoming a specialist in advanced materials and green process technology. We are dedicated to working rigorously  with  all clients in the new material, new energy, and green manufacturing industry of chemicals, creating value and success. DODGEN uses its innovative technology, chemical process design and cost-effective process solutions to promote industrial technology change and seize future development opportunities.

DODGEN Chemical Process Company
Why Choose Chemical Process Company DODGEN

DODGEN has long been committed to creating new materials, new energies, green manufacturing of chemicals for clean and low-carbon fields. By integrating technologies with new processes and new equipment throughout entire industrial chain, we can complete industrialization of scientific research and production at an unprecedented rate.


The chemical processing company DODGEN possesses multiple patented technologies and patented equipment, which are developed, based on our own advantages. Pursuing quality, innovation and meeting client needs is our eternal theme. Driven by innovative R&D, we develop and provide customized solutions and chemical process design for different customers  through the development of process technology package, key equipment and chemicals. These  three core dimensions are well- integrated to provide our customers with highly competitive and optimal process technology solutions.


In order to serve customers better, we can also provide the service of pilot test, installation guidance, pre-commissioning inspection and start-up guidance, etc. Our goal is to be the professional and reliable partner for clients, and jointly promote the perfect implementation of the project.

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Research and Development
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