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we have nearly 100 engineering members, including  10 well-known chemical experts, half of which have master degree (or above)and experienced engineering experience. Our R&D center has technical laboratory, complete chemical analysis instruments and reaction&separation equipment as well as several sets of pilot skid.

DODGEN is a national-level specialized and innovative "Little Giant" enterprise, recognized as a national high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, a technological "Little Giant" enterprise in the Qingpu District of Shanghai and serves as a pilot unit for intellectual property rights in the same district. Furthermore, DODGEN is a company dedicated to  the transformation of high-tech achievements in Shanghai. Additionally, DODGEN has established an enterprise technology center in Qingpu District, Shanghai.

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Shanghai DODGEN Equipment Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. was established.


Shanghai DODGEN process system technology department was established.


Shanghai DODGEN Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established.



In the future, fossil raw materials and energy will be gradually replaced by other green biomass and energy because of the sustainability. DODGEN chemical has committed to service for clean and low-carbon fields such as new materials, new energy and green manufacturing of chemicals in the long term. Through the integration of new technologies, new processes and new equipment in the whole industrial chain, trying to accelerate scientific research industrialization and production industrialization.

Core Departments

R&D Center

Based on the optimization of high added value products, the development of hydrocyanic acid derivatives, degradable new materials and green chemicals industry will be promoted in turn with the main line of continuously developing and producing green chemicals required for social development.

Process System Center

With DODGEN's rich experience and professional background, the new process development and new equipment development were carried out. The main contents include system simulation calculation, hydraulics calculation, CFD simulation, finite element analysis and stress analysis.

Equipment Center

For the reaction and separation process of chemical unit, we provide equipment manufacturing businesses such as key equipment (DSR polymerization reactor, micro reactor, falling film absorption reactor), packing and tower internals, melting crystallizer, falling film evaporator, forced heat exchanger, etc.

Chemicals Device

Based on the field of hydrocyanic acid derivatives, polylactic acid, polyglycolic acid , establish the field of hydrocyanic acid derivatives, PBS and other degradable materials, and establish an organic combination industrial chain of hydrocyanic acid derivatives and degradable materials.

Reaction and Separation Professional, Low Carbon Technology Partners
Reaction and Separation Professional, Low Carbon Technology Partners
Shanghai DODGEN Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.
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