Column Internals

Column Internals

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Technology Introduction Of Column Internals

The tray design and manufacture technology by DODGEN has realized the breakthrough of low pressure drop, high tray efficiency, anti-blocking, high vapor-liquid/liquid-vapor ratio and high operating flexibility. As one of the column internals manufacturers, we provide our customers with reliable hydraulic design, cost-effective tray selection and rich tray types.

Characteristics of Column Internals


Liquid distributors with liquid load from 0.01m3/m2h to more than 200m3 / m2h;


High operating turndown and suitable for fouling systems including suspension, emulsion and dust. Both gas and liquid can be distributed well;


Different types of gas distributors and flash feed systems according to different gas velocities;


Different types of collectors according to different applications, such as vane collectors, chimney tray collectors, collectors/redistributors, etc;


Different types of support grids ( for structured packing & random packing);


Three-in-one distributors(support grid + collector + distributor);


DODGEN has a 16 * 16m distributor test platform.

Applications of Column Internals

Applications of Column Internals

  • Chemical industry: OLEO, flavors & fragrances, Ethylbenzene (EB) / Styrene Monomer (SM), cyclohexanone / cyclohexanol, air separation

  • Petrochemical Industry: quench tower, C3 and C4 separation tower, xylene separation tower

  • Oil refining unit: Crude Oil tower, vacuum tower

  • Absorption and desorption: natural gas dehydration, CO2 and H2S absorption and stripper, ethylene oxide(EO) absorption and stripper, acrylonitrile absorber

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