Static Mixer

Static Mixer

The high-efficiency custom static mixer without moving parts has the advantages of small floor space and low maintenance cost.

Static Mixer Introduction

Static mixers are now widely used in the chemical and petrochemical industries to achieve continuous operation. They have also been used in pharmaceutical, Food engineering and paper industry.

custom static mixer
custom static mixer

A industrial static mixer is a precision constructed device that continuously mixes fluid ingredients without the use of moving parts. Industrial static mixers are typically used to mix liquid fluids, but they can also be used to mix gas streams such as static gas mixer, disperse gas into liquid, or blend immiscible liquids. The energy required for mixing is derived from pressure loss when fluids pass through the high pressure static mixer.

Characteristics of Static Mixer


Compared with traditional mixing equipment, it features simple process, compact structure, low energy consumption, low investment, large operation flexibility,  good mixing performance, etc.


In the mixing process of liquid-liquid/liquid-gas/ liquid-solid/gas-gas and heat transfer process of emulsification/neutralization/absorption/extraction/reaction, traditional related equipment can be replaced by static mixing reactors.

Applications of Static Mixer

Applications of Static Mixer

  • Main applicable reaction systems

Thermo-sensitive reaction system, gas-liquid contact reaction system, system requiring removal of gas reaction products

  • Application Fields

Petroleum and natural gas chemical industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Fine chemical industry, Food, Light Industry, Bioenergy, Environmental protection engineering

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