Structured Packings

Structured Packings

Accurate, stable and optimized distillation process and cost-effective tower packing manufacturing base.

Technology Introduction of Structured Packings 

The design of distillation and absorption system and the design of tower internals are elemental for the whole separation. The manufacturing and quality of products are correlative to the process design index.

Technical Principle Of Structured Packing In Distillation Column

structured packing types
structured packing types

Combined with worldwide advanced technology and engineering experience, the tower internals designed by structured packing manufacturer DODGEN are optimized according to fluid dynamics model and manufactured in strict accordance with our quality management measures to ensure the quality.

Characteristics of Structured Packing


Compared with conventional structured packing, the pressure drop of DODGEN high-efficiency structured packing in distillation column is greatly reduced under the same efficiency, and the capacity can be increased by up to 40% under the same HETP


As one of structured packing manufacturers, DODGEN's high-efficiency structured packings is suitable for the separation case from vacuum to medium pressure, and even for the high-pressure case in some applications;


Low-pressure drop for DODGEN structured packing in distillation column, the pressure drop of each theoretical plate is only 0.3 ~ 1.0 mbar under normal conditions, and only 2.0 mbar at 70% ~ 80% flooding rate;


DODGEN high-efficiency structured packing has good operating turndown and can be applied to working conditions with liquid load range from 0.2 m3 / m2h to 200 m3 / m2h;


As one of the chemical reactor manufacturers, DODGEN high-efficiency structured packing can break the capacity bottleneck of existing trays and random packing.

Applications of Structured Packing

Applications of Structured Packing

  • Chemical industry: OLEO, flavors & fragrances, Ethylbenzene (EB) / Styrene Monomer (SM), cyclohexanone / cyclohexanol, air separation

  • Petrochemical Industry: quench tower, C3 and C4 separation tower, xylene separation tower

  • Oil refining unit: Crude Oil tower, vacuum tower

  • Absorption and desorption: natural gas dehydration, CO2 and H2S absorption and stripper, ethylene oxide(EO) absorption and stripper, acrylonitrile absorber

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