Gas-liquid Separator

Gas-liquid Separator

Complete separator product chain has been considered to customize separation scheme for customers.

Technology Introduction Of Gas-liquid Separator

Gas-liquid separation technology is widely used in reaction, distillation, evaporation, water washing, absorption and MVR unit operation, in order to improve product quality, reduce product loss, decrease harmful substances in tail gas, cut down equipment load and protect the equipment.

Technical principle Of Gas-liquid Separator

falling film type evaporator
falling film type evaporator

The gas-liquid two-phase inlet and feed retarder can help slow down the speed of the gas-liquid two-phase fluid when entering the separator and remove the large-size droplets entrained in the gas at the same time. The gas phase entrains the remaining small-size liquid oil into the high-efficiency separation meter above, and the liquid collected by the high-efficiency separation blade is collected under the blade. The collected liquid is introduced into the bottom of the separator by the guide pipe under the action of its gravity and discharged from the bottom of the separator.

Characteristics of Gas-liquid Separator


99%removal efficiency can be achieved for droplets above 0.1-200 μm.


Wider operating flexibility and optimized separator shell size while ensuring separation efficiency;


Applicable ingas-liquid-solid three-phase separation also;


No rotating parts, maintenance-free and long life;


Have complete package of oil-water separation solutions;

Applications of Gas-liquid Separator

Applications of Gas-liquid Separator

Natural gas purification, Compressor stage separation, Industrial gas oil mist removal, LNG low-temperature separation, Natural gas transportation, Steam drying and dehydration, Recovery of organic substance in industrial gas, water-electrolytic hydrogen making system, Synthetic system, Gas phase dehydration of organic substance, Gas-liquid separation of MVR evaporation.

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