Sodium Cyanide (NaCN)

Sodium Cyanide (NaCN)

The sodium cyanide production process system is mature and reliable, with high safety and fully automated control.

Synthesis of Sodium Cyanide (NaCN) Technology Introduction

The sodium cyanide manufacturing process: Liquid sodium cyanide enters the evaporator and undergoes low-temperature evaporation and concentration under high vacuum. The concentrated sodium cyanide solution enters the crystallizer for crystallization. The crystallized sodium cyanide solid is separated by a centrifuge, and the separated wet solid sodium cyanide is dried. Part of the separated mother liquor is reused and another part is mixed with the evaporation condensate as a by-product liquid sodium cyanide product, The dried solid sodium cyanide is compressed and formed as a solid sodium cyanide product. The hydrogen cyanide synthesis system is primarily divided into two parts: hydrogen cyanide synthesis and hydrogen cyanide ammonia removal. Hydrogen cyanide synthesis comprises natural gas purification, ammonia gas purification, air purification, and reaction synthesis, while hydrogen cyanide ammonia removal encompasses hydrogen cyanide ammonia removal and ammonium sulfate cyanide removal.

Characteristics of Sodium Cyanide (NaCN) Technology


The solid sodium cyanide device has mature and reliable technology, high safety, and high automation control;


Liquid sodium cyanide is crystallized through high vacuum and low temperature evaporation, ensuring product quality and low byproduct yield;


The sodium cyanide production forming system combines the operating experience of multiple devices to optimize design and equipment selection, ensuring uniform product forming quality and continuous and stable operation;


Clean process design for the entire sodium cyanide process section of evaporation crystallization, drying, and molding;


Designed using a co production liquid sodium cyanide process, the main product has high purity and high yield, and the by-products are balanced and adjusted. The entire sodium cyanide production unit operates continuously and stably, with no waste discharge and flexible adjustment.

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