Extraction Technology

Extraction Technology

Advanced liquid-liquid extraction technology, solving separation problems and providing economical solutions.

Extraction Technology Introduction

DODGEN unique liquid-liquid extraction or high-efficiency centrifugal liquid-liquid separation technology based on the principle of similar dissolution and density difference, appropriate extractant and extraction equipment will be required to extract the substance from the matrix liquid. It has the advantages of large treatment capacity, good separation effect, high recovery rate, low energy consumption, etc .

Technical Principle Of Extraction Technology


The unit operation of separating the mixture by using the different solubility of components in the solvent in the system is a method of transferring solute substances from one solvent to another by using the difference of solubility or partition coefficient of substances in two mutually insoluble (or slightly soluble) solvents.

Characteristics of Extraction Technology


DODGEN high-efficiency rotor extraction tower has been designed thoughtfully, it involves accurate fluid dynamics model simulation, and a large number of tests and practical application verification:


Providing High Theoretical Level


Perfect hydraulics model to provide high mass transfer efficiency and effective residence time


Minimum anti-mixing design with the best product quality


The optimal dispersion and remixing model has been used to realize rapid and uniform mass transfer

Applications of Extraction Technology

Applications of Extraction Technology

Phenol-containing wastewater, acetic acid recovery, solvent recovery, lactic acid purification, lithium extraction from salt lake, lubricant oil refining, food-grade phosphoric acid, vanadium extraction from titanium dioxide waste liquid, inorganic substance extraction, catalyst recovery, recovery and extraction of pharmaceutical high value-added organic substance.

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