Falling-film Evaporator

Falling-film Evaporator

Effectively reduce the tower kettle temperature and improve product quality and yield.

Technical Principle of Falling-film Evaporator

film evaporator
film evaporator

Falling Film Evaporation is a process in which the liquid feed is introduced into the upper header box of the heating chamber of a falling film evaporator, and then evenly distributed to each heat transfer tube by a liquid distribution and film-forming device. Under the effects of gravity, vacuum induction, and gas flow, the liquid forms an even film that flows down from top to bottom. In the distillation unit, the vapor phase directly enters the tower for distillation, while the liquid phase is discharged from the separation chamber or circulated back into the evaporator by the pump.

Characteristics of Falling-film Evaporator


Design conditions:

We use the most safe and stable falling film reboiler model in present day, and the falling film introduces the multi-level distribution form including the distribution plate and the film distribution header.


Process Calculation:

Based on the calculation of advanced simulation software, key parameters such as gasification rate, circulation volume, flooding factor, gas-phase rate, heat exchange area, etc. are determined.


Distributor/Calculation of Film Distribution Header:

Various hydraulic models are conducted to design distribution system under specific operation conditions, further more hydraulic calculation is operated with independent software.


With rich experience and advanced technology, DODGEN falling film evaporator has been applied in various fields of heat-sensitive substances separation,  the temperature of tower kettle is reduced, thus improving product quality and yield, and obtaining positive feedback from customers.

Applications of Falling-film Evaporator

Applications of Falling-film Evaporator

In the evaporation and rectification section of heat sensitive substances, MVR system evaporator is particularly suitable for typical applications,such as:

  • MDI distillation

  • Vitamin E rectification

  • Ethylene glycol distillation

  • Hydrogen peroxide rectification

  • Nylon 11 distillation

  • Solvent recovery

  • MVR evaporation

And many other fields such as petrochemical, medicine and food.

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