Polymerization Reactor

Polymerization Reactor

Provide customers with high-cost-performance solutions in the production of polymers and high viscosity substances.

Polymerization Reactor Introduction 

Based on the principles of efficient static differential mixing and heat transfer, DODGEN has created a new composite DSR reactor for continuous controllable polymerization processes, such as bulk polymerization and solution polymerization. Its outstanding feature is the ability to provide very large heat transfer and reaction areas while precisely controlling heat transfer and mixing efficiency to achieve uniform temperature and concentration at the micron scale. This enhances the improvement of conversion rates and the polymer quality, thereby fulfilling various stringent and demanding requirements.

Technical principle of Polymerization Reactor

polymerization reactor types
polymerization reactor types

Combining the principle and structural characteristics of heat exchange tubes and mixing components, the DODGEN DSR reactor can accurately control the heat transfer and mixing efficiency at the same time, the conversion rate and quality of polymers are improved to meet the needs of different production and final products. Sometimes, in order to further improve the quality and conversion of polymers, we will add mixed units of DSX structure.

Characteristics of Polymerization Reactor


The characteristics of piston flow ensure that the time distribution and temperature distribution range are uniform, which is conducive to the distribution of molecular weight


No grooves, uneven distribution and dead zone will appear


Different grades of polymers can be produced, with precise process temperature control can be achieved in separate reaction zones


Ability to handle fluids with a wide range of viscosity distributions at low operating costs


Preventing a large number of products deviating from specifications in production quality controlling


Reducing energy consumption (lower pressure drop, no mixing equipment)

Applications of Polymerization Reactor

Applications of Polymerization Reactor

Polyester, nylon, PA, PC, Pom, polylactic acid, PMMA, organosilicon, copolymer, PE, etc.

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