Vinylene Carbonate (VC)

Vinylene Carbonate (VC)

Mature chemical industry chain, green process to produce VC, safe and reliable.

Vinylene Carbonate (VC) Technology Introduction

Synthesis process of CEC: EC reacts with chlorine in the photolysis reaction tower under the catalysis of ultraviolet light, and then neutralized with liquid alkali. CEC after reaction contains certain chlorine and hydrogen chloride. Nitrogen is used for stripping, and the stripping waste gas is sent to the hydrochloric acid absorption tower.

Synthesis process of VC: DMC (dimethyl carbonate) was solvent and triethylamine as catalyst to remove hydrogen chloride in the reactor. After centrifugal filtration, the solution containing solid triethylamine hydrochloride enters the desolvention tower, crude distillation tower, distillation tower and crystallizer to obtain qualified products.

Advantages of Synthesizing Intermediate CEC Technology


Equipped with the external UV lamp, which is safe and reliable;


Large feeding amount of the equipment;


Fast reaction rate, good product quality and low chlorine consumption.

Advantages of Synthesizing Product VC Technology


It’s a unique product separation and purification technology with high separation yield and good product quality, which the risk of conventional technology separation is greatly reduced;


It is exclusive in the industry since it adopted falling-film crystallization technology, which the investment is lower, the occupied space is smaller and the crystallization yield is higher.

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