Invitation | DODGEN invites you to visit ACHEMA 2024

DODGEN is a leading new material technology and equipment provider in the industry, focusing on engineering technology development and industrial technology incubation, with professional process design capabilities to realize the leap from pilot research and development to engineering, and has provided green and low-carbon process solutions for many leading enterprises in the industry.

DODGEN has long been committed to degradable plastics, new energy materials, bio-based chemicals, high-performance polymers and other fields, through the integration of new technologies, new processes and new equipment across the industry chain, to provide customers with highly competitive process technology solutions, which will make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions, reducing plastic pollution, and shaping a sustainable future.

DODGEN focuses on globalization and growing penetration in key regional markets, and the arrival of Dodgen at Achema 2024 is an important step toward globalization, bringing advanced green chemical technology to customers around the world. Looking forward to your visit!

【Exhibition Introduction】

ACHEMA was founded in 1920 by the German Desima Society, the world's leading academic society for the chemical industry and biotechnology, and is held every three years in Frankfurt, Germany. The exhibition continues to pay attention to the trend of The Times, focusing on scientific and technological innovation and industrial development trends, the exhibition content has been expanded to process equipment, automation and digital technology, industrial safety, pharmaceutical technology and equipment, laboratory equipment and other fields, focusing on chemical engineering, environmental protection, biology, pharmaceutical and food industry technology needs, committed to a comprehensive display of the world's latest technology, Providing innovative solutions to the industry. 2024 ACHEMA is expected to have around 150,000 visitors and more than 3,800 exhibitors from 130 countries, as well as a number of professional seminars.

【Exhibition Information】


【Address】Exhibition Centre Frankfurt

【Exhibition Hall】Thermal Processes

【DODGEN’s Booth】6.1H A48-4

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