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With the opening of China Intellectual Property Week 2024, DODGEN, as an active participant and promoter in the field of intellectual property, highlighted its remarkable achievements in the transformation and application of intellectual property. The theme of this year's China IP Week, "Transformation and Application of Intellectual Property for High-quality Development", is in line with DODGEN's development philosophy, and DODGEN has fully responded to the call to further tap the potential of intellectual property for high-quality development.

Over last year, DODGEN has comprehensively improved its intellectual property management system and achieved impressive results. It is worth mentioning that DODGEN falling film melt crystallizer was approved for the Shanghai Standardization Pilot (key) project in 2023, and the company was recognized as a Shanghai patent pilot enterprise, which marks an important step for DODGEN's construction in the field of intellectual property.


Over 100: DODGEN's patent applications are over 100


DODGEN Company (including its subsidiaries) has currently applied for and granted more than 100 patents, among which the number of granted invention patents has increased by 300% over the same period last year. Behind this figure, DODGEN reflects the great importance and continuous investment in intellectual property rights, which has injected strong impetus into the development of the enterprise.

Multi-dimensional protection: DODGEN patents protect innovative technologies

DODGEN adopts a 1+N protection model, that is, one innovative technology plus N core patents, and one core patent plus N peripheral patents. This patent protection strategy of point-surface diffusion and interweaving not only ensures the safe implementation of core technologies, reduces the layout omission of necessary technical points for product implementation, prevents competitors from using their necessary technical points to lay out peripheral patents for cross-licensing purposes, and provides a strong support for the innovation and development of enterprises. It can also cultivate and expand the innovative thinking of R&D personnel, and help product creation and innovation with the thinking of patent layout.

Transformation landing: high-quality patents promote transformation and application

Compared with patent writing, DODGEN's patents pay more attention to substantive landing and transformation. At present, DODGEN's swirling falling film crystallizer (Model: FC) has been recognized as the 6th batch of Shanghai High-Tech Achievements transformation Project, and has accumulated hundreds of millions of yuan of business value, which fully demonstrates the key role of high-quality patents for enterprise transformation and upgrading.


Regular risk screening: prevent intellectual property risks


Patent infringement risk detection reports can help companies identify potential infringement risks. DODGEN launched a patent infringement risk self-examination and avoidance design as early as May last year, and continues to conduct competitor monitoring and risk patent monitoring. This year, we rely on professional institutions to conduct a comprehensive risk investigation to prevent legal disputes and economic losses that may be caused to the company and customers in the future.

Intellectual property awareness cultivation: helps employees innovate


DODGEN attaches great importance to the cultivation of intellectual property awareness and quality of employees, and arranges quarterly training and exchange meetings for internal employees on basic intellectual property knowledge to stimulate the innovation enthusiasm of R&D technicians. In addition, intellectual property specialists are regularly arranged to conduct skill training and assessment to promote the continuous improvement of intellectual property management.


Intellectual property is an important pillar of corporate growth and an important part of social wealth. DODGEN values the wisdom of every technical staff, and is committed to building a more complete intellectual property protection system, attracting talented people to join, promoting core technology research and development, leading the development of green chemical technology, and becoming a leader in the industry. In the future development road, DODGEN will continue to deepen the field of intellectual property, continuous innovation, to promote the high-quality development of the industry to contribute to greater strength!

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