The Modularized Pilot Plant, Use Technical Achievements to Transform Terminal Nerves

bottleneck of pilot base

pilot trial peripheral nerve difficulty

In the afternoon of September 17, Fu Xiangsheng, the vice President of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, Tao Shaohua, deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Ningdong Base and director of the Administrative Committee, Huang Siming, deputy Director of Science and Technology Department of Autonomous Region and other leaders visited the pilot skid mounted device, Kang Xiaoling, the general manager of DODGEN was interviewed by the media and introduced the specific situation of the first PGA&PLGA pilot project in China.

China's chemical industry is currently lagging behind its foreign counterparts in terms of carbon neutral targets and designs, with companies such as BASF and Dow having publicly stated their target year for carbon neutrality or net zero emissions. After carbon peaking and carbon neutrality is proposed, we have a more urgent need to accelerate the research and development of new technologies and accelerate the transfer of technological achievements to support the country's commitment to the world.

For this purpose, chemical processing company DODGEN is the first to propose modular devices to accelerate the progress of pilot tests, so that our customers can transform emerging technology achievements faster in the field of carbon neutrality.

Bottleneck of Pilot Base

In order to improve the technical specification and solve the key technology of industrial production, it's usually necessary to carry out scale-up tests.

It Is Worth to Be Noticed That the Pilot Plant Must Be Set up When the Following Problems Exist

  • Unit operations and devices that are difficult to enlarge;

  • Impurities accumulate and influence during the process;

  • Want to verify the reliability of the process and device;

  • Long-term supply of samples for market development is required.

The Main Tasks to Be Determined in the Pilot Test

  • Final determination of process route and unit reaction operation method;

  • Selection of material and model of equipment. Pay attention to the selection of equipment material that is in contact with corrosive materials;

  • Further study of reaction conditions, the main influencing factors, such as feeding speed, stirring effect, heat transfer area and heat transfer coefficient of the reactor and refrigerant factors, further study in order to get more suitable reaction conditions.

  • The influence of recycling raw materials containing by-products on the main reaction;

  • Carry out material balance;

  • Determination of physical properties and chemical constants of raw materials and intermediates;

  • Determination of consumption quota, raw material cost, operator and production cycle, etc.

Reduce Research and Development Costs and Improve the Conversion Rate of Scientific and Technological Achievements

As an important link in the transformation of scientific research achievements, the pilot test is of great significance to reduce the research and development cost and improve the conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements. After the pilot project, the success rate can reach 80%-100%, and without the pilot project, its success rate is less than 30%.

As we all know, pilot tests can improve the practical feasibility of innovative technology, test the possibility of realizing industrial production of innovative technology, and pave the way for the industrialization of new technology. It is an important way for a pilot base to transfer mature and applied pilot technical achievements directly to the production field. At the same time, the base has the obligation to keep the technology confidential and not to participate in the competition of the pilot project technology and products, so as to avoid disputes over intellectual property rights.

Pilot Trial "Peripheral Nerve" Difficulty

The development of pilot-scale hardware requires a large amount of capital investment, a high cost of operation and management, and a long time from project approval to completion. Internationally, the capital investment ratio of technology research and development, pilot production and industrialization is usually 1: 10: 100. At present, China is only 1: 0.7: 100, and the capital investment ratio of pilot production is obviously insufficient.

It is easy for enterprises to miss the opportunity of product marketization due to the long period from project initiation to completion of the pilot trial, and the pilot trial equipment will be idle after being used up, resulting in a waste of resources. In addition, the pilot project is some high-tech scientific research achievements and the technical requirements of the experimental process are very high, therefore the management and engineering and technical personnel involved in the pilot project is also higher.

Use Technical Achievements to Transform "Peripheral Nerve”

Considering the cost and technical confidentiality, it is a good choice for enterprises to entrust the pilot experiment to the shared pilot platform. Through resource integration, "multi-purpose" can not only produce results for the enterprise, but also add value to the results, and realize the sustainable development of the pilot platform.

In addition to providing industrialization verification services, the platform also provides scientific research information and technical services for enterprises, it trains a group of emerging talents, and enhances the interconnection and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises through the industrial clusters in the base.

High Potential Projects

The pilot scales up process is to study the changing rules of chemical reaction conditions in a certain scale device and solve the problems that cannot be solved or found in the laboratory. Although the chemical nature will not change with different experimental production, the best reaction conditions for each step of the chemical reaction may change with different experimental scales and external conditions such as equipment. Advanced and stable skid-mounted equipment and intelligent control system can obtain reliable and optimal process conditions, which lays a solid foundation for high-precision technology industrialization.

DODGEN is located in Ningdong modern coal chemical industry pilot base in the shared pilot platform to help enterprises make important, forward-looking strategic decisions. The experimental process parameters, industrialization feasibility parameters, technical and economic indicators and cost yield obtained after pilot operation provide an important basis for strategic decisions making by enterprises.

Through the pilot test cooperation with DODGEN, the stability of the process and equipment can be verified, and the process conditions can be improved and optimized. We are equipped with a variety of reaction and separation modular skid mounted (see the classification of process skid mounted in the figure above), modular skid-mounted equipment can be suitable for a variety of reaction and separation systems, and it can quickly develop complete sets or unit technology, helping customers shorten the pilot test verification cycle.

Characteristics of DODGEN Pilot Test Skid Mounted


By modular unit operation, the device can be freely combined to solve the bottlenecks of reaction and separation of technical that bothering different customers and quickly land the pilot test.

Easy to Amplify

Using microchannel and tube reactor, continuous reaction without amplification effect, increasing yield and reducing energy consumption.

More Coupling

Multiple separation devices are coupled to provide the best solution in the most professional way.

High Purity

Reaction system and separation system can also realize a variety of combinations to complete the reaction and separation of the whole process in the shortest time and obtain high purity chemical products.

Strong Computational Power

Multi-sensor real-time recording operation data and computer-aided optimization to avoid material waste, eventually obtain the best process conditions.

The base not just assisted to enlarge DODGEN internal research and development project, test and promote research and development of new products and process in DODGEN, it also undertook verification of biodegradable plastics, electronic chemicals, biosynthesis, new materials, new energy and plastic recycling, to provide "auxiliary devices" for commercial production of projects with high market potential, so that they can land faster.

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