DODGEN Has Signed A MOU With Johnson Matthey And Eastman, Providing The Innovative Technology Of Polyglycolic ACID

On December 16, 2022, DODGEN Company announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding with Johnson Matthey (JM) and Eastman (Eastman) to jointly provide the updated technology of polyglycolic acid(PGA).


The memorandum of understandingagreement was signed by Xi Tang (Chairman of DODGEN Company), Ting Qian (Director of Johnson Matthey Catalyst Technology and Platinum Group Precious Metals Services China), Feilong Ao (Eastman Asia Pacific Technical Director). 

The updated technology of glycolic acid/methyl glycolate has the following characteristics:

1.Glycolic acid or methyl glycolate product indicators meet the requirements of downstream polyglycolic acid production;

2.It can be combined with upstream syngas unit to produce glycol, or can be expanded to produce glycolic acid and methyl glycolate alone;

3.High conversion rate and selectivity make it more competitive, the overall economic efficiency is superior to other synthesis gas routes;

4.It can be combined with green methanol technology, which use Johnson Matthey's process from carbon dioxide to methanol. Combined with green hydrogen technology, which in line with the national carbon peaking and carbon neutrality policy, and perfectly combines carbon emission reduction and degradable plastic.

DODGEN has been deeply involved in the field of poly-alpha hydroxy acids for many years. Aiming at the characteristics of high heat sensitivity of glycolide monomer, low yield in the purification process, and slow heat and mass transfer in the polymerization process, a series of patented technologies were developed by chemical processing company DODGEN to obtain high-molecular-weight products. Combined with the front-end process of Johnson Matthey and Eastman, it can be used for as part of a new plant or as a revamp to an existing plant, thus achieving to produce polyglycolic acid in higher grades with low cost.

Speech by DODGEN


DODGEN is a leading technology and equipment supplier in the new materials industry, at meantime active in the field of carbon neutrality. The company has hundreds of employees in Shanghai, Chongqing, and Ningxia, and has achieved a number of successful references in the fields of degradable plastics, new energy materials, bio-based materials, and high-performance polymers. DODGEN's unit technology and packaged technologies are committed to improving the efficiency and sustainability of the profession. We have invested tens of millions of RMB in Ningdong Chemical Industrial Park to build a polyglycolic acid/polyhydroxy fatty acid ester(degradable new material) R&D platform. It has been established as a key R&D project in the autonomous region. Th partnership with Johnson Matthey and Eastman is expected to contribute significantly to reducing carbon dioxide emissions and plastic pollution,  and providing a sustainable future.

Chairman of DODGEN Company- Xi Tang

Speech by Johnson Matthey


Since 2020, the government has issued various information documents to strengthen the specific operation level of plastic pollution control, which can expedite the governance of plastic pollution in China, and the replacing process of biodegradable plastics is constantly accelerating. As a global leader in sustainable technology field, Johnson Matthey is applying our core competitiveness in science and technology to support our customers' visions, including decarbonization cycles and emission control, etc. Our synthesis technologies and catalysts have already widely applied in these fields. DODGEN has excellent polyglycolic acid downstream polymerization technology. The signing of this cooperating agreement is a new beginning for Johnson Matthey, DODGEN and Eastman, it also demonstrates our confidence in the future of new biodegradable materials.

Johnson Matthey Catalyst Technology and Platinum Group Precious Metals Services in China CEO – Ting Qian  

Speech by Eastman


As a century-old global materials company, Eastman's spirit of being innovative and open to challenges has continued to present day and has never changed.

From the invention of the first camera film to now, the company is committed to solving the global plastic waste dilemma with advanced molecular synthesis technology and promises that the entire company will achieve carbon neutrality in 2050. Eastman not only pursues sustainable development in its own products and services, but also cooperates with outstanding companies of various fields in different ways to extend our advanced technology by means of their market network and capabilities, which would to make a positive impact on the environment in broader market. The cooperation with technology innovation is a perfect interpretation of this approach, which pumps continuous vitality to industries.

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