2023 Shanghai International Petrochemical Technology Equipment Exhibition | DODGEN invites you to share the feast of leading equipment

The 15th Shanghai International Petrochemical Technology Equipment Exhibition, August 23-25, Booth W2213



DODGEN is a leading provider of new materials technology and equipment in the chemical industry, with a research and engineering team of nearly a hundred people, offering customers continuous and efficient reaction and separation equipment products.



The petroleum and chemical industries are important foundational and pillar industries in the national economy, with a large economic output and high degree of interconnectivity. They exhibit strong driving force and play a significant role within modern national industrial systems. The chemical industry, utilizing petroleum and natural gas as raw materials, encompasses numerous organic chemical raw materials and synthetic materials (plastics, synthetic fibers, synthetic rubber), and the domestic petrochemical industry is currently undergoing a transformation towards high-end and greener processes. DODGEN will exhibit a variety of core technological products at the 15th Shanghai International Petrochemical Technology Equipment Exhibition, scheduled from August 23rd to 25th, 2023. Visitors are welcome to our booth: W2213, Hall W2 of the Shanghai New International Expo Center.



On-Site Activities

During the event, Mr. Tang Xi, Chairman of DODGEN, will deliver a keynote presentation on the morning of August 23rd at the '2023 China International Chemical Equipment Innovation and Development Conference,' sharing key technological insights in chemical equipment innovation from DODGEN.

Throughout the exhibition, DODGEN will also provide live demonstrations of its showcased product portfolio at the petrochemical expo.

Separation and Purification

01 Melt Crystallizer

DODGEN's innovative melt crystallizer can be coupled with other separation equipment to enhance product purity, overcoming the bottleneck of fractional distillation. It can separate isomers and chiral substances that are extremely difficult to separate by distillation. Through a multistage recrystallization process in low eutectic mixtures, it effortlessly achieves high-purity products of over 99.99% with low energy consumption.


Continuous Flow Reaction

02. Polymerization Reactor

The DSR polymerization reactor employs static mixing and efficient heat transfer in continuous polymerization reactions. Its capability to handle process fluids with a wide viscosity distribution, low pressure drop, and absence of agitation equipment allows for precise control of concentration and temperature gradients of reactants. This results in reduced occurrence of side reactions and yields high-quality polymers with low molecular weight distribution. Additionally, it contributes to energy savings, lowering maintenance and operational costs. It also eliminates dead zones and avoids channeling flow. For polymer products of different grades, precise and independent temperature control can be achieved in separate reaction zones.



The micro reactor employs the concept of a 'refrigerator-mobile factory,' achieving high levels of automated control. The micrometer-scale reaction interface approaches ideal conditions, resulting in characteristics of high safety, flexible operation, and high conversion rates. It is capable of meeting various process requirements.


Efficient Column Internals and Packing

DODGEN offers a range of distillation column internals equipment, including distributors, collectors, wire mesh packing, structured packing, random packing, support grates, and more.


04. Distributor

DODGEN's distributor features high operational flexibility and is suitable for materials prone to clogging, such as suspensions, emulsions, and dust-containing substances. DODGEN can provide liquid distributor designs and supply with liquid loads ranging from 0.01m3/m2h to over 200m3/m2h.



05. Collector

DODGEN's collector includes various types, such as blade-type collectors, oil tank collectors with uplift caps, and collection redistributors.



06. Packing

DODGEN's distillation packing exhibits significant advantages in mass transfer and separation efficiency compared to standard wire mesh packing. It boasts high processing capacity and is suitable for thermally sensitive substances.



Static Mixer

A static mixer is an efficient mixing device that does not contain moving parts, widely used for continuous and efficient pipeline mixing. Different mixing requirements and material characteristics call for selecting various types and quantities of mixing internals, allowing distinct materials to disperse and blend with one another. This achieves the objectives of proper dispersion and thorough mixing between different substances.

DODGEN offers different models of static mixers, such as DSV, DSX, DSXL, DSK, tailored to various material concentrations and characteristics.



07. DSV Static Mixer

The DSV static mixer is typically employed for gas-gas, gas-liquid, and liquid-liquid material absorption, mixing, and reaction processes, particularly well-suited for mass transfer between clean media with lower viscosity (viscosity ≤ 102cp).

08. DSX Static Mixer

The DSX static mixer is commonly used for gas-gas, gas-liquid, and liquid-liquid material mixing and reaction processes, offering broad applicability and uniform mixing characteristics.

09. DSXL Static Mixer

The DSXL static mixer is generally utilized for materials with higher viscosity (viscosity ≤ 106cp) and polymer materials for heat transfer, mixing, and forced convection. It is often used in multiple pipes simultaneously, particularly suitable for the field of polymer devolatilization.

10. DSK Static Mixer

The DSK static mixer is typically employed for higher viscosity materials (viscosity ≤ 106cp) in liquid-liquid and solid-liquid mixing, reaction, and heat transfer processes. It is especially suitable for low flow rates of viscous media with impurities.


Interactive games are also set up at the exhibition site, providing surprises for partners who are present. Participation slots are limited. Scan the QR code below to make a reservation and sign up!

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