DODGEN is Recognized as “2023 Annual Pilot Enterprise for Intellectual Property in China's Petroleum and Chemical Industry”

Under the evaluation of the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, DODGEN has been recognized as the “2023 Annual Pilot Enterprise for Intellectual Property in China's Petroleum and Chemical Industry.”


On December 5th, the 2023 National Petroleum and Chemical Industry Science and Technology Innovation Conference, hosted by the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation, was grandly held in Wuhan. The conference ceremoniously awarded honors for China's petroleum and chemical industry technological innovation in 2023, recognizing outstanding organizations and individuals, and providing a platform for in-depth exchange of innovative achievements. Mr.Liang Yongjun, Deputy General Manager of DODGEN Chemical, represented the company at the conference and received the award for “2023 Annual Pilot Enterprise for Intellectual Property in China's Petroleum and Chemical Industry.”




 [High Intellectual Property Density in the Petrochemical Industry]

As one of the pillar industries of China's national economy, the petrochemical industry has always been characterized by technological and knowledge intensity. Technological innovation is crucial for high-quality development, and intellectual property work is particularly important in the petrochemical industry. DODGEN integrates technological innovation into various aspects of corporate development, not only focusing on the quantity of intellectual property but also emphasizing its quality and value.



[Pursuing Excellence in Intellectual Property Management]

DODGEN, through forward-looking strategic planning, strategically lays out intellectual property, refining professional strength and competitiveness.


Scaled & Diverse - DODGEN adopts a strategy of patent portfolio layout, meticulously constructing a scalable and diverse patent protection network. The company's patent applications and grants have rapidly increased, providing solid support for the company's technical strength and innovation capability. This year, the company conducted comprehensive Freedom to Operate (FTO) analyses for three products, controlling the risk of intellectual property infringement and further solidifying its leading position in the field of intellectual property.


Quality & Professional - In the patent application process, DODGEN ensures that patents can serve as a solid foundation for product launches through at least two or more claims-product comparisons. High-quality patent layouts prevent others from imitating the company's proprietary process equipment, constituting a cornerstone of our differentiating competitive advantage. This initiative not only showcases the company's professionalism but also reflects the utmost pursuit of intellectual property.


Strategic Awareness - DODGEN incorporates intellectual property management into the core of its technological development strategy. Through the careful deployment of professional management bodies and dedicated personnel, DODGEN comprehensively considers the protection and application of intellectual property when formulating strategies.


Management System - DODGEN has established a sound system for intellectual property creation, transformation, application, and protection, forming an advanced and efficient market mechanism. Through the formulation of a series of management regulations and implementation guidelines, DODGEN has explored mechanisms such as patent pledge financing, transfer licensing, and infringement protection. For example:

  • Fully utilizing patent navigation tools in planning, providing solid intellectual property protection for technical research and product updates from the theoretical stage of technology development through patent alerts.

  • Conducting competitor patent monitoring, analysis of domestic and foreign product freedom to operate, and controlling infringement risks.


System of Encouragement - DODGEN has incorporated a patent incentive mechanism into intellectual property management, including patent declaration awards, patent achievement awards, innovation excellence awards, major dedication awards, and special contribution awards. This mechanism not only ensures the depth of technical research but also enables the widespread application of developed technologies in the industry, meeting the needs of low-carbon, high-quality development.


 In future development, DODGEN will further strengthen intellectual property analysis and utilization, empowering high-quality industrial development. Simultaneously, DODGEN will continue to enhance the intellectual property operation talent system, contributing to the flourishing development of China's petroleum and chemical industry.

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