Building a Zero-Carbon Future Together | DODGEN Officially Joins the China ESG Alliance

Recently, DODGEN officially joined the China ESG Alliance. As a member of the alliance, DODGEN will actively collaborate in related activities initiated by the alliance and work with other companies and institutions that have joined the alliance (including Microsoft, Lenovo, L'Oreal, Tencent, Siemens, WANHUA, Johnson Controls, LONGi, Sunwoda, Danfoss, CDP, etc.), as well as domestic official platforms such as the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange. DODGEN will leverage its technological and social influence to gather strength in the field of sustainable development and promote the development of the ESG field. Meanwhile, DODGEN, relying on the professional ESG platform provided by the China ESG Alliance, will seek valuable partners within the climate technology solution ecosystem to achieve the common organizational goal of benefiting all humanity with climate technology solutions.



The alliance integrates both application and provider sides to create a closed-loop implementation of climate technology solutions in four areas: transformation of high-carbon industries, development of renewable energy, circular economy, and natural capital. DODGEN, as a provider of low-carbon technology solutions, is willing to collaborate with more partners in industries such as petrochemicals, chemicals, renewable energy, plastics, and battery recycling to build a closed-loop business ecosystem along the industrial chain.


Sustainable Development Practices of DODGEN


DODGEN 's active contributions in carbon neutrality are evident in several areas. The company uses innovative processes and equipment to help reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions for businesses. In the field of new energy materials, DODGEN promotes efficient lithium electrolysis solutions to facilitate the widespread adoption of clean energy. Additionally, their solutions for lithium battery recycling are efficient and low-pollution, supporting a closed-loop industrial chain.

Social Responsibility

DODGEN actively establishes diverse and equal opportunity recruitment channels to attract talent from various backgrounds. The company prioritizes the development and welfare of its employees, providing continuous training and career development opportunities to ensure they possess advanced skills and knowledge to navigate industry changes.

Corporate Governance

DODGEN integrates corporate social responsibility into its strategic operations. They collaborate with the China Quality Certification Center for "Shanghai Brand" certification, establish a CSR committee, and develop and implement CSR plans to ensure comprehensive balanced development across economic, social, and environmental aspects.

Future Outlook

DODGEN will continue to focus on innovation and sustainable development, aiming for breakthroughs in new material technologies and equipment. The company will further strengthen research and application in carbon neutrality, making greater contributions to achieving global sustainable development goals.


About the China ESG Alliance

The China ESG Alliance was jointly launched on April 13, 2023, in Suzhou, China, by numerous well-known enterprises and organizations in the industry. It aims to gather the most valuable information from the perspectives of ESG experts and ecological resources, constructing responsible climate technology solutions for the benefit of all humanity.

Since its inception, notable organizations and institutions such as Microsoft, Lenovo, L'Oreal, Tencent, Luxshare, LONGi, LinkedIn, Sunwoda, Danfoss, CDP, SF Express Group, and CDP, as well as official domestic platforms like the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange, have joined the alliance. The alliance's next goal is to expand the best practices of the China ESG Alliance across Asia and to become an internationally influential climate technology platform.


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