Debuting for the First Time with Extraordinary Popularity | DODGEN Accelerates the Domestic Substitution Process of Key Advanced Equipment


From August 23rd to 25th, the 15th Shanghai International Chemical Equipment Exhibition, widely recognized as the "Benchmark of China's Chemical Equipment Industry," and the 2023 China International Chemical Equipment Innovation and Development Conference, were grandly held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Over a thousand domestic and international companies from the entire industry chain gathered together. DODGEN, making its debut at the equipment exhibition, garnered remarkable popularity, with a continuous stream of visitors inquiring about their booth. Interactive games and product explanations were also set up on-site, attracting a large number of onlookers and making it a focal point within Hall M2.


The Scene is Booming

This year's Shanghai Petrochemical Equipment Exhibition has attracted numerous exhibitors and visitors from both domestic and international backgrounds, with over 1,000 companies participating and an exhibition area spanning 70,000 square meters. Over the course of three days, it has drawn more than 100,000 professional visitors. The exhibition has placed a strong emphasis on showcasing new equipment and technologies in various fields, including petrochemicals, explosion-proof technology, pumps and valves, fluid handling, safety and emergency response, chemical new materials, and petrochemical environmental protection.


DODGEN Booth - Pioneering High-Quality Development in Advanced Chemical Equipment

Stepping into Hall M2, DODGEN's high-tech exhibition booth stands out prominently. A tall "sail"-shaped lightbox and a "ship"-shaped display platform showcase the full range of East Geng's products. The booth features sectional displays of falling film evaporators, efficient tower internals, melt crystallizers, and plug flow reactors, attracting on-site visitors to come and explore, pause, and take photos.


On the morning of August 23rd, Kathy, the Marketing Manager of DODGEN, conducted an on-site interview with the media, providing insights into the chemical equipment and its advantages showcased during the exhibition. In addition, DODGEN's application technology experts provided explanations to professional visitors who came to inquire about their products.

The 2023 China International Chemical Equipment Innovation and Development Conference was Simultaneously Held

At the 2023 China International Chemical Equipment Innovation and Development Conference, Zhang Hongtao, Deputy Director of the Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a speech. He Koubao, Secretary-General of the Shanghai New Materials Association, presided over the morning session of the conference's speaking forum.

During the main forum, distinguished speakers delivered captivating keynote speeches. These included Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor at Tsinghua University, Fei Wei-yang; Professor Bai Zhishan, recipient of the National Distinguished Young Scientists Award and leader of the Ten Thousand Talents Program for Scientific and Technological Innovation; Jiang Yi, Vice President of Corning Group and Chairman of Corning Reactor Technology Co., Ltd.; and Tang Xi, Chairman of the Degradable Plastics and Recycling Special Committee of the Shanghai New Materials Association and Chairman of Shanghai DODGEN Chemical Technology Co., Ltd."


Mr. Tang Xi delivered a presentation at the conference titled “Breaking Through Key Technologies in Chemical Equipment for Accelerating Domestic Production of Major Equipment.” He shared new perspectives on overcoming separation bottlenecks in the chemical industry and discussed the application and localization process of critical equipment.

"In the context of dual carbon reduction, the pressure to save energy and reduce consumption in separation processes has increased significantly. The industry urgently needs green and low-carbon critical chemical equipment that can meet the separation requirements of azeotropic systems, isomers, thermosensitive substances, high-purity electronic chemicals, and more without consuming excessive energy. Melt crystallizers fully meet these requirements, and DODGEN has played a crucial role in promoting the localization of melt crystallizers while accumulating a wealth of achievements. Currently, DODGEN possesses independent intellectual property rights for double-falling film crystallizers, and this product has also been recognized as a high-tech achievement transformation project and a standardization pilot project in Shanghai. Independent innovation in equipment is of great significance in driving the upgrade of the chemical industry. We hope that in the future, more partners will join us in pushing for breakthroughs in critical chemical equipment technology!"



DODGEN is committed to becoming a technological leader in advanced materials and green chemical processes. After years of exploration and dedication, we have developed mature capabilities in the research, design, and manufacturing of large-scale chemical reaction and separation equipment. We specialize in tailoring end-to-end solutions for our customers, empowering petrochemical enterprises in their transformation and development efforts, and jointly contributing to the industry's high-quality development.

Lastly, we sincerely thank each and every customer and attendee for joining us. DODGEN looks forward to meeting and collaborating with you again in the future!

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