Dodgen Brings Green Technology to Create a New Chapter of High-quality Development in the Fine Chemical Industry


In order to explore the frontier development direction in the field of fine chemicals in China and promote the development and transformation of new technologies and new processes, the 4th Fine Chemical Young Scholars' Academic Conference, sponsored by the Fine Chemical Industry Professional Committee of the Chinese Chemical Society, Fine Chemical Industry Editorial Department, organized by the Qingyuan Innovation Laboratory of Fuzhou University and co-sponsored by the Fujian Chemical Society of the Chinese Chemical Society Electronic Chemicals Professional Committee, was held on June 3-4, 2023 The conference started in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. With the theme of "Focusing on Frontier Fields, Green Carbon Reduction Development", the conference brought together experts, scholars and industry representatives from fine chemicals and related fields from all over China to participate in the seminar, and DODGEN, as the sponsor of the conference, actively participated in the seminar and contributed Industry views.


Industry status and background - policy and financial support
Throughout the development of the chemical industry in developed countries around the world, the developed countries represented by the United States and Japan attach great importance to the development of fine chemicals, and the refinement rate is an important symbol to measure the level of development of the country's chemical industry. At present, fine chemical industry as a more comprehensive and technology-intensive industry, has gradually jumped to one of the emerging areas of the chemical industry, its development has been paid much attention by the state, in recent years, the country is constantly increasing the development of fine chemical policy (such as: "Fine Chemical Industry National Major Development Plan") and financial support, China's fine chemical industry is gradually showing a trend of rapid development.


Development trend of fine chemical industry - emerging areas become growth points
At present, due to the planning and implementation of China's macro-level carbon neutral and carbon peak, people's demand for electronics, automobiles, medicine, machinery industry, new materials for construction, new energy and new environmental protection materials, etc. shows a rising trend, and fine chemicals as raw materials or intermediates of new chemical materials have a broad development prospect. In recent years, the development of bio-based materials, electronic chemicals, pharmaceutical and pesticide industries has brought new growth points for the development of the fine chemical industry. At the meeting, Mr. Peng Xiaojun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the State Key Laboratory of Fine Chemicals, pointed out that "the development of China's chemical industry will show to high-end, green, intelligent tilt. Among them, green chemical industry is an important process of transformation and development of fine chemical industry, and how to save energy and reduce consumption has become a key problem faced by most enterprises."


As a low-carbon technology partner for many customers, chemical processing company DODGEN focuses on engineering technology development and industrial technology incubation, and has provided green and low-carbon process solutions for many leading companies in the fine chemical industry, including electronic chemicals, bio-based materials, pharmaceutical intermediates and high-performance chemicals. DODGEN's professional process design capability has realized the leap from small pilot R&D to engineering, and promoted the fine chemical industry to a new chapter of high-end and low-carbon development.

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