World Environment Day|China Daily reported DODGEN biodegradable plastic PGA project

The reporter from China Daily visited DODGEN Ningxia Pilot Base to report on DODGEN's biodegradable plastic PGA project, the implementation of which can not only protect the environment but also accelerate the industrialization of new biodegradable green materials and their series of derivative products.

The global theme for World Environment Day 2023 is "Plastic Wars Fast", calling for global solutions to combat plastic pollution. Addressing plastic pollution requires systemic change across the entire life cycle of plastics, from production to consumption to recycling, from the acquisition of raw materials, product design and production, to the development of alternatives, to improving the recycling of plastic waste. Plastic pollution management faces many challenges and requires a positive response from industry, business, social organizations and every consumer, and each has the ability to propose innovative ways and means to solve the problem.
Recently, Ningxia opened a high-quality development research line, through field investigations, to explore the "Ningxia model" "Ningxia phenomenon" of the deep-seated causes and endogenous dynamics. Ningxia's high quality development is presented in a three-dimensional, systematic and vivid way ......


"Put PGA (polyglycolic acid) into water or soil, let six months degrade on six months degradation, let three months degrade on three months degradation, adjust the ratio inside them, you can adjust the degradation time according to the demand." On May 24, Wang Yu, executive director of Ningxia Ningdong Science and Technology Venture Capital Company and general director of Ningdong Pilot Base, was introducing to the reporters.


Absorbable surgical sutures, drug slow release carriers, fracture internal fixation and tissue engineering repair materials ......, the raw materials of these high-end medical products, are all biodegradable plastics called PGA, which are also found in our common Coke bottles. With the gradual attention to the global plastic pollution problem, Ningxia Ningdong Pilot Base introduced Shanghai DODGEN biodegradable plastic PGA project to contribute "Ningxia's strength" in producing new biodegradable green materials, solving white pollution and protecting the environment.


"Shanghai DODGEN degradable plastic PGA project is the first project introduced by Ningxia Ningdong Pilot Base and one of the three star projects of the pilot base." Wang Yu introduced that falling film evaporator factory DODGEN degradable plastic PGA project adopts self-developed falling film reactor, which improves the filtration speed of small molecule water, and also innovatively uses the technology of dynamic falling film and static crystallization phase coupling, and the purity of ethyl cross ester reaches 99.5%.


"R&D is a process of constantly experiencing frustration." Researchers of Ningdong Pilot Base believe that the pilot base is an intermediate test platform for transforming basic research into industrial technology, which is to discover problems. At present, DODGEN degradable plastic PGA project has well solved the problems encountered in the production process of degradable plastic, such as incomplete dehydration, high temperature of cracking reaction and unstable product quality. It is expected that after successful industrialization, it will pull more than 4 billion yuan investment in Ningdong.
With the implementation of plastic ban and plastic restriction, it is urgent to control white pollution and protect the environment. The implementation of DODGEN biodegradable plastic PGA project can not only protect the environment, but also accelerate the research and development, production and sales of biodegradable green new materials and its series of derivative products.

Content source: China Daily Network
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