DODGEN held the signing and unveiling ceremony of the


On the afternoon of April 11th, School of Chemical Engineering of Shanghai University of Applied Technology and Shanghai Donggeng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. held the signing and unveiling ceremony of "Joint Laboratory for Efficient Separation of Spices". Shanghai Donggeng Chemical Technology Co., LTD. Chairman Tang Xi, Chairman assistant Chen Yan, sales and application engineer Chen Hong, Marketing manager Li Fang, Marketing Commissioner Qiao Chennan, Director of Alumni and Development Liaison Office, Deputy Director of the President's office Chen Jing,Hu Xiaojun, Dean of School of Chemical Engineering, Mao Dongsen, Secretary of School Party Committee, Qian Tingting, Deputy Secretary of School Party Committee, Wu Jingjing, Yu Jun, Bian Ming, Professor Mao Haifang, General Manager of Shanghai Institute of Fragrance and some student representatives attended the unveiling and signing ceremony.

Both sides indicated that the cooperation was reached on the basis of full communication and in-depth discussion. The signing ceremony is a new starting point for in-depth cooperation and common development between the school and enterprise. Through school-enterprise cooperation, resources can be shared and advantages complementary, providing a broader practice platform for students, cultivating more high-quality professionals for enterprise, and injecting new vitality into the education, teaching and scientific research of the college.

About Shanghai Institute of technology:

Currently a key local university in Shanghai, with a distinct focus on applied innovation. The university offers programs for bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees. It has established an innovative model of "discipline + industry", actively aligning with national development strategies and the needs of Shanghai's urban construction. The university relies on, serves, and leads the development of relevant key industries.The school has five national-level innovation platforms including the Collaborative Innovation Center for Spices Fragrance Cosmetics (co-built by provincial and ministerial authorities), National Quality Supervision Inspection Center for Fragrance Cosmetics, Secretariat of National Standardization Technical Committee for Spices Fragrance Cosmetics, as well as several other centers.Additionally, it also possesses 19 provincial-level innovation platforms such as Engineering Research Center for Flavor & Quality Control of Food Products in Shanghai and Engineering Technology Research Center for Green Fluorine-Containing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in Shanghai.

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