Ningxia Autonomous Region Party Secretary and Minister of the People's Congress Standing Committee, Liang Yanshun, conducted a research visit to the DODGEN Ningdong Pilot Base.

On March 24th, Liang Yanshun, Secretary of the Autonomous Region Party Committee and Minister of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress, spent a day conducting in-depth research at some enterprises in Yinchuan Suyin Industrial Park and Ningdong Base. He also chaired a symposium, emphasizing the need to deeply study and understand General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on new productive forces. He stressed the importance of adhering to scientific and technological innovation as the driving force, identifying points of integration, selecting breakthroughs, and coordinating the promotion of the upgrading of traditional industries, the growth of emerging industries, and the cultivation of future industries. This is aimed at fostering more high-tech, high-performance, high-quality 'golden babies' to accelerate the formation of new productive forces with Ningxia characteristics.


DODGEN is located within the Ningdong Modern Coal Chemical Pilot Base. Liang Yanshun is learning about the development and testing of enterprise products.


The pilot base effectively solves the bottleneck problem of pilot verification from laboratory experiments to industrialization in coal chemical innovation. Liang Yanshun affirmed the completion and commissioning of the base, and requested to fully utilize its leading and driving role, to bridge the gap between laboratories and industrialization, and to promote the transformation of more scientific and technological achievements into new productive forces.


The DODGEN pilot platform helps companies make significant and forward-looking strategic decisions. The experimental process parameters, industrial feasibility parameters, technological and economic indicators, cost-benefit ratios, and other data obtained after pilot operation provide important bases for strategic decision-making by enterprises.



Through cooperating with DODGEN in pilot testing, besides validating the stability of processes and equipment, it's also possible to refine and optimize process conditions. Modular assembly equipment can be applied to various types of reaction and separation systems, enabling the rapid development of complete sets or unit technologies, helping customers shorten the cycle of pilot testing.

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