DODGEN invites you to attend the 2023 International New Materials Exhibition | Gathering Innovation, Functionality, Sustainable New Materials and Technologies


2023 International New Materials Exhibition (MATERIALS. CN) will be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from June 27-29, 2023. This exhibition will be divided into eight themed exhibition areas, including Advanced Functional Materials, CMF (Color Material Finish), Sustainable Materials, Scientific and Technological Achievements, Instruments and Equipment, Raw Materials, Innovative Materials Hall, and 1688 New Materials. At that time, DODGEN will meet with everyone at booth I5b to showcase advanced new material technology, manufacturing equipment, and technological achievements.



The International New Materials, New Processes, and Colors (CMF) Exhibition and Appearance Processing and Application Exhibition, as well as the International Advanced Functional Materials Exhibition and Material Analysis and Testing Instrument Equipment Exhibition, are two major brand exhibitions that have strong alliances -2023 International New Materials Exhibition


DODGEN not only has perfect chemical unit process technology and key equipment, but also provides competitive device process technology package related to polymer materials and electronic chemicals based on Unit operation system technology and advanced equipment. We use low-carbon technology to promote the transformation of production process units of new energy and new material enterprises, embracing future development opportunities.


DODGEN focuses on many new material fields and provides engineering technology services, connecting important links on the entire chain from innovative research and development, process development, key equipment manufacturing, pilot testing, to project implementation.


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