World Environment Day -- Ecology Start with the Heart, And Reduce Plastic in Action

world environment day ecology start with the heart and reduce plastic in action

The theme of Chinese World Environment Day 2022 is "Holding a Clean and Beautiful World together". It aims to promote the awareness of environmental protection, ecological progress and build a beautiful China.

The progress of human civilization has been inseparable from the rapid development of science since the two industrial revolutions.

The development of plastic can be traced back to the middle of the 19th century, and today it is an irreplaceable tool in People's Daily life.However, in recent years, people have gradually found that the "White Pollution" caused by plastic should have been noticed. In this situation, people began to focus on degradable and recyclable materials, which can reduce carbon emissions and achieve ecological balance.ultimately we could create a better future for our descendants.

Due to the special structure of poly (α/β) hydroxyl esters, they have very superior biodegradability.(PLA/PGA/PHA is a representative of these products).The industry can construct different monomers and polymers by biological or chemical means.However, because hydroxyl aliphatic polyester products have some weaknesses, such as high thermal sensitivity of monomer, low yield of the purification process, difficult to obtain high purity products, and slow mass and heat transfer in the polymerization process, resulting in narrow molecular weight distribution.Through a long period of research and engineering experience and technological innovation, DODGEN company realized the regulation of the molecular structure of the poly hydroxy fatty acid ester, in turn the continuous production of copolymer get the product quality stable hydroxy fatty acid ester copolymer products, to replace the traditional non-biodegradable plastic, solving the white pollution, land pollution, water pollution and a series of environmental problems.

At present, Donggeng's polyglycolic acid pilot project in Ningxia is about to be pilot-run. It will usher in new breakthroughs with upstream and downstream enterprises in the degradable plastic industry, and help coal chemical enterprises realize green and low-carbon transformation.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), for example, is one of the most commonly used, versatile and reliable packaging materials. The recovered PET bottles can be alcoholized by methanol to obtain terephthalic acid (DMT) and ethylene glycol (EG). However, the commercial potential of PET recycling is limited by the quality specifications of food packaging reuse, and the purity of DMT and EG is an important factor which is limiting the quality of recycled PET. The traditional recrystallization method for purifying DMT requires a large amount of solvent and more crystallization devices. The solvent-free melting crystallization method only needs one crystallizer, and the moving parts are only pumps and valves, which occupy a small area and have low operating costs. Melting crystallization to obtain high-purity DM  greatly improves the economy of chemical PET recovery.

In addition,in the applicatioins of plastic regeneration, chemical processing company DODGEN provides advanced DXSL devolatilization technology for the application of specific polymer extraction and solvent process plastic regeneration.We can greatly reduce energy consumption and obtain high purity product quality, providing strong technical support for the sustainable economy.


Our place is a large consumption country,and the plastic consumption is large; the use of degradable plastics and plastic chemical recycling construct a green cycle ecosystem. DODGEN has more than 15 years of experience in the field of monomer purification and polymer technology and has provided many unit operations and overall solutions for related industries. we are currently serving as the chairman of the Special Committee of Degradable Materials and Recycling Technology of the Shanghai New Materials Association. We hope to cooperate with more industry partners to build a clean and beautiful world.

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