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The Launch Ceremony of the Ningdong Modern Coal Chemical Pilot Base


The General Manager of DODGEN Chemicals being interviewed by the media, providing an overview of the PGA project pilot testing


Ningxia DODGEN New Materials is a subcompany of Shanghai DODGEN Chemicals. It aids in the upscaling and testing of in-house R&D projects for DODGEN.


Additionally, it undertakes industrial validation work for external projects in sectors such as biodegradable plastics, electronic chemicals, bio-based materials, high-performance materials, and plastic recycling.


Ningxia DODGEN Pilot Plant is equipped with a variety of modular installation equipment suitable for various reaction and separation systems. This enables rapid development of complete sets or unit technologies.


The modular installation equipment for reactions and separations can be freely combined, allowing for reliable process verification in a shorter time and faster translation of emerging technologies.


The fully automated control room with PLC ensures complete process automation.


After pilot plant operations, samples are qualitatively and quantitatively analyzed in the laboratory to validate the technical and economic feasibility of producing high-quality products through the pilot production process.


DODGEN adheres to the concept of "Green Technology, Continuous Regeneration," promoting the rapid transformation of scientific and technological achievements with advanced process technology and state-of-the-art chemical equipment.

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