DODGEN was recognized as a “Patent Pilot Enterprise in Qingpu District, Shanghai.”

DODGEN, as an outstanding provider of new material technology and equipment in the industry, had previously obtained the "National Intellectual Property Management System Certification" and was recognized as a "Patent Pilot Enterprise in Qingpu District, Shanghai." In this year's Shanghai municipal enterprise and institution patent review, DODGEN ranks in the list of publicly approved patent pilot enterprises in Shanghai.


DODGEN is further cultivating an outstanding innovation ecosystem, strengthening the utilization and protection of intellectual property, and promoting the conversion of technological achievements. DODGEN has always believed that innovation is the key to corporate development, and it continues to facilitate the organic connection between fundamental research as the "first mile" and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements as the "last mile." This involves building a comprehensive service mechanism for technology trade, enabling more innovative technologies to enter the market.

At the same time, DODGEN places special emphasis on cultivating employee awareness of intellectual property rights. The company provides a fertile ground for open innovation in intellectual property, allowing more outstanding technologies to take root and flourish.


Creating a Nurturing Environment for Technological Innovation - Cultivating a Culture of Intellectual Property Awareness Among All Employees

DODGEN has always been committed to establishing a strong intellectual property culture within the company. We not only encourage employees to actively contribute innovative ideas but also provide comprehensive intellectual property training. Whether it's staying informed about the latest developments in intellectual property, enhancing awareness of intellectual property rights, addressing specific intellectual property issues, or broadening one's perspective on intellectual property work, our training and communication processes provide the answers. We believe that innovation can only reach its full potential when employees understand the value of intellectual property and are capable of effectively protecting it.



To maintain a leading position in the industry, DODGEN regularly organizes employee training to continuously learn and master skills such as patent searching, technical disclosure document writing, and utilizing patents to drive innovation projects. Patent training, as an essential component of the intellectual property system, enables individuals with specialized skills to develop into intellectual property talent, providing the foundation for the company's intellectual property ecosystem.

Delivering Reliable Technological Outcomes - The Utilization of Intellectual Property

DODGEN has always been committed to transforming technological innovation into industrial applications to meet the needs of our customers. We actively apply for patents to protect our intellectual property and incorporate the results into our products and solutions, delivering reliable technological outcomes to our clients. Some of DODGEN commercialized technological achievements include PLA, VC, FEC, HCN, and their derivatives, as well as CS2 process technology. We also offer patented equipment with low carbon and digital advantages, such as falling film crystallizers, evaporators, falling film reboilers, tubular reactors, and high-efficiency wire mesh packings, among others. Notably, our centrifugal falling film crystallizer was selected as a "2022 High-Tech Achievement Transformation Project" in Shanghai.


An Integral Component of Business Strategy - Intellectual Property Management

DODGEN intellectual property management capability plays a pivotal role in the company's strategic initiatives. It not only ensures the exclusivity of the company's technologies, but also generates additional business opportunities. This exceptional intellectual property management capability has attracted numerous strategic partners to the company, strengthened its connections to international markets, and propelled its global expansion efforts.

Currently, DODGEN has established an extensive intellectual property presence both domestically and internationally, including protection in areas such as patents (with over 100 domestic patent applications and 6 PCT applications abroad), trademarks, copyrights, as well as conducting infringement risk assessments and monitoring competitors. This provides robust legal protection for its technologies and products. Not only does this help maintain the company's innovative edge, but it also ensures highly reliable products and solutions for its customers.

This year, DODGEN has upgraded its existing intellectual property management system and integrated Patsnap Intellectual Property Management System along with the SmartSprout Patent Database. Through these specialized intellectual property management tools, there has been a significant enhancement in various aspects such as intellectual property record-keeping, management, monitoring, collaborative efforts, training, risk management, compliance, reporting analysis, and patent technology exploration.



Through the implementation of patent pilot projects, DODGEN continues to develop new technologies and products, integrating intellectual property protection into its business strategy. DODGEN proactively leverages intellectual property to make it competitive, preemptively monitor risks, and prevent infringements. While meeting the industrial demands of customers in areas such as biodegradable plastics, new energy materials, bio-based chemicals, high-performance polymers, furthermore, the intellectual property system serves as a constant source of momentum for the company's profitability and growth.


The inclusion of Donggeng in the Shanghai Patent Pilot Enterprise Public Announcement List is a testament to our ongoing pursuit of intellectual property protection and technological innovation. DODGEN will continue to strive for excellence in intellectual property management, enhance intellectual property exchange and cooperation, diversify training programs, promote innovation and application of intellectual property, and consistently provide outstanding new material technology and equipment in the ever-evolving field of carbon neutrality.

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